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MMA Total Combat Events List

> MMA Total Combat 40 < MMA Total Combat 40

On 07-05-2011.....

Total Combat 40 will see the return of crowd favourites Colin Fletcher V Dean Caldwell Pro W/W British title. Also in action will be Andrew Punshon, Anth Grecian,Neil Robbins and John Close V Dave Kettlewell for the Pro W/W Veterans British Title.

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> MMA Total Combat 39 < MMA Total Combat 39

On 12-03-2011.....

Total Combat returns to Spennymoor leisure centre with 5 explosive Pro fights on offer! Davey Parker V Steven Ray Pro W/W European Title. Kyle Redfern V Anth Barker Pro W/W British Title. Davey Grant V Declan Williams Pro B/W British Title. Tim Close V Jordan Desborough Pro Lighweight fight.

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> MMA Total Combat 38 < MMA Total Combat 38

On 05-02-2011.....

Chris Petrie Vs Leigh Wood for the British open heavyweight title. Also on the card are Total Combat Veterans Mick Lens, Jonny Bilton, Peter Barraclough & Lewis Garside. Gary Sivills vs Paul Bradshaw for the lhw title.

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> MMA Total Combat 37 < MMA Total Combat 37

On 13-11-2010.....

Total Combat returns to Rainton Meadows arena with a explosive 4 man B/W £1000 British title challenge. Davey Grant V Nathan Thompson, Mark Platts V Rob McCrum. Also featuring Mick Lens, Kyle Redfern, Jonny Bilton & Gary Sivills.

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> MMA Total Combat 36 < MMA Total Combat 36

On 18-09-2010.....

England Vs France with Heavyweights Petrie Vs Morin & Welterweights Ryan Scope Vs Loic Marty for the British Open Title. Also on the card is exciting pro debut fighter Tim Close & heavy hitting American Lee Keegan.

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