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Judging The Fight


A 10 point must system will be used to score bouts. Each round of a contest is scored individually and if no submission or KO occurs, these are totalled up and a decision made.

The winner of a round will be awarded 10 points, and the loser 9 points or less.

Criteria that the judges will be assessing, in order of priority, are as follows;-

1. Effective Aggresiveness

This is determined by the fighter showing the most effective aggression to win.

2. Effective Technique

This area includes;

  • Striking
  • Clinch Work
  • Takedowns
  • Submission Attempts
  • Tranitiioning and Positioning

3. Cage Control

This is determined by the fighter who uses the cage area to their advantage the most.

4. Defence/Escapes

This area includes;

  • Avoiding and Blocking of strikes
  • Reversal from pins
  • Escapes from Submissions
  • Tranitiioning to void submissions etc.